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Complete Multiple Vitamin Q & A 

Q. Do I really need to take a Vitamin & Mineral Multi Supplement?

A. Yes. The latest research shows that increasing your intake of certain vitamins and minerals can improve your cardiovascular health, protect your vision and control cholesterol.  Also, our busy schedules make it very difficult to take in even the bare minimum requirements of certain vitamins and minerals.  This can lead to unhealthy, tired bodies.  All NaturalⳠMulti Vitamin/Mineral Supplement was formulated to provide potent levels of heart protecting/energy yielding vitamins.


Q. What are vitamins?

A. Vitamins are chemicals that the body needs to perform key bodily functions necessary to keep us alive and healthy.  Vitamin deficiencies can cause serious illness.  The body can not make vitamins so it must obtain its daily needs through proper diet and supplementation.  Most of the latest research shows that most people get just barely enough vitamins to keep from being deficient but fall short of taking sufficient vitamins to improve their health.  So far, we have identified 13 essential vitamins.


Q. What are minerals?

A.  Minerals are just as important as vitamins and sometimes perform similar activities in the body such as performing metabolic activities.  However, minerals also serve structural roles in the body such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium to make bones and teeth.  They are also play key roles in maintaining healthy blood pressure; such as Calcium and Potassium.  Most studies suggest that more than 50% of the population is calcium deficient.


Q. Can vitamins or minerals make you gain weight?

A. No.  Vitamins do not have any calories.

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Q. Do vitamins or minerals give you energy?

A. The groups of vitamins known as water soluble vitamins (B Vitamins) are the key components necessary to extract the energy from the foods we eat.  Therefore, if youⲥ not getting enough BⳠyou could feel tired and run down.  Vitamins give you energy indirectly by helping you metabolize the calories in your food.


Q. Do I take my multiple with food or on an empty stomach?

A. They are best taken with a meal since some vitamins are absorbed best when combined with the fat found in food.


Q. Are all multi vitamin/minerals supplements alike?

A. No. Most multi vitamin/mineral supplements do not provide natural extracts.  All NaturalⳠ Multi Vitamin/Mineral Supplement is loaded with free, radical/toxin fighting fruit and vegetable extracts. 

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Q. What are free radicals?

A. Free radicals are cancer causing agents created by many of our daily activities such as eating and exercise.  Our bodies need higher levels of certain vitamins and minerals to help combat these normal effects of aging.


Q.  Can a multi vitamin/mineral supplement fight cancer causing free radicals?

A.  Yes. However, it must have the right levels of key antioxidant vitamins and it must also provide natural component only found in some fruits and vegetables.  All NaturalⳠMulti Vitamin/Mineral Supplement has potent levels of key antioxidants such as Vitamins E & C and is also loaded with natural phytonutrients produced by fruits and vegetables to help combat free radicals.


Q. Can vitamins and minerals slow the aging process?

A. This is a strongly debated issue.  So far we conclude that aging is inevitable.  However, free radicals wreak havoc on our bodies from destroying our skin, damaging our DNA to destroying arteries.  Making sure we take in adequate amounts of free radical fighting vitamins can greatly diminish the ill effects of aging


Q.  Are natural vitamins better than synthetic?

A.  In most cases, there is no difference between vitamins derived naturally or produced synthetically.  However, there is one extremely important vitamin that is more potent and delivers more antioxidant protection if derived naturally.  It happens to be a Vitamin E, which is very important for maintaining cardiovascular health.  Synthetic Vitamin E is only half the potency of natural Vitamin E and more importantly, Vitamin E is composed of about 8 different compounds that together make up Vitamin E.  Each one of these components has unique antioxidant capabilities.  Synthetic Vitamin E lacks seven of the eight Vitamin E analogs.  It is very important that you choose a Multi Vitamin Supplement that uses natural Vitamin E.  All NaturalⳠMulti Vitamin/Mineral contains 400IUⳠof Natural Vitamin E, the recommended dose to help protect your cardiovascular system and to help protect your brain from the ravages of aging

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Q. How can I tell if a Multivitamin contains natural Vitamin E?

A.  Look at the facts panel and make sure Vitamin E is labeled as (d-alpha-tocopheryl succinate).


Q.  Can some Vitamins Really improve the overall quality of life?

A.  Yes.  Believe it or not, proper vitamin and mineral supplementation can improve or protect the health of your heart, brain, bones, skin and provide you with energy.   Some minerals such as chromium can even help your metabolism by properly utilizing the carbohydrates you ingest.  Some studies have actually shown that chromium supplementation can help you maintain your weight.


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