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Herbal Blend #4 - 120 tablets
Herbal Feminine Relief
For Women Only

Green Leaf Herbal Blend #4, Herbal Feminine Relief, is a special herbal blend, synergistically formulated for women to provide a sense of confidence and serenity in all cycles of life. Herbal Blend #4 is a special blend of herbs formulated to relieve those symptoms associated with female discomfort.

Recommendation: Take 2 tablets twice a day, morning and evening, approximately 30 minutes before meals. Always take tablets with a large glass of water. Rest one day a week.

Ingredients: Dong Quai, Capsicum, Cascara Sagrada, Blue Cohosh. Plus natural excipients in a base of Bayberry, Damiana, Ginger Root, Squawvine and Red Raspberry.

Helpful Hints for Best Results

  1. 1. To obtain maximum benefit while taking herbs, don't forget the importance of;
    • Drinking plenty of water.
    • Eating from the 7 food groups.
    • Visiting your physician on a regular basis.
  2. Green Leaf Herbs formulas are designed to work synergistically. For best results take Herbal Blend #1 and Herbal Blend #2 regularly.
  3. Whatever the preferred starting dosage, be certain to increase slowly.
  4. Be patient. Allow Green Leaf Herbs sufficient time to work. Take an entire month's supply for noticeable results. Green Leaf Herbs are gently working to bring the body back to its natural state of balance and harmony.
  5. Minimize foods that slow down the cleansing process such as dairy products, sugar, white flour, processed foods and fatty meats.
  6. Eat foods that have life in them, i.e. raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains, sprouts, raw nuts, seeds and fresh juices.
  7. Exercise, participate in a regularly scheduled exercise program.
  8. Please store Green Leaf Herbs in a cool, dry place.


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