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HERBAL Maintenace Program

Herbal Cleansing from Within.....

* Body Restoration

* Colon Cleansing

* Female & Male Vitality

Green Leaf Herbs offers a solution to a lifetime of poor eating habits. Green Leaf Herbs promotes good health and internal cleansing of the body...... a perfect compliment to a sound, nutritional diet.

Green Leaf Herbs have been produced after 35 years of careful research and experience in working with natural food supplements harvested from herbal farms throughout the world. Green Leaf Herbs products represent the purest and finest natural herbs. Green Leaf Herbs are produced in accordance with United States Agricultural Department Regulations. Our herb products are synergistically combined to provide superior benefits. The combination of Green Leaf Herbs products and a well balanced diet will help you achieve an on-going lifestyle of high energy and good health.

To obtain maximum benefit while taking herbs, don't forget the importance of:

*Drinking plenty of water and fresh juice
*Eating from the seven food groups
*Visiting your physician on a regular basis.

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